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Wonderings and Wanderings

I went to last summer’s DesignInquiry two week residency with the intention of working exclusively on an eleventh anniversary DesignInquiry book temporarily titled a Provisional Edition Survey of Now along with four other DesignInquirers. Peter Hall remained … Continue reading

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An Inquiry Made Whole (again)

I reworked an inquiry I posed a while back into a PechaKucha presentation;  a 20 image— 20 seconds per slide talk that I gave to a welcoming Portland audience. While I thought the piece I’d … Continue reading

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An Appetite for Longing

Messaging a friend to borrow a crate —so we can have a second for the puppy that is house-trained on the first floor but not the second — I noticed that … Continue reading

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12 Months Begin Every May

Why is some busyness better than other busynesses? And why, once again in these May days surrounding commencement do I still bristle slightly when someone asks “so: you get the summer off now”? No, … Continue reading

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Directional Habits Unravel(ed)

Not a good grief. Just a Grief. As in Bridge of Spies Donovan (Tom Hanks) says to Abel (Mark Rylance): “You don’t seem alarmed.” To which Abel replies: “Would it help?” … Continue reading

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Outside of the Line of Sight

Standing on the stairs, the grand stairs they call them in our art school, I exchanged favorite book titles with a colleague who I only recently and randomly learned loved to read … Continue reading

February 11, 2016 · 2 Comments

Longing, Appitite, and The Road Trip

Penumbra/Almost. That time of day between dusk and dark, when the shadows are gone and the light slowly wraps arms around radio voices that get quieter, even without noticing. Last … Continue reading

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On Holiday(s)

Taking time, making time, getting time, finding time, buying time. Finding home, making a home, coming home, missing home, leaving home. And then there’s entering a space, making space, taking … Continue reading

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syn·es·the·sia from the back seat of the car

Jack was never a fan of school. Worksheets were busy work with math questions he’d get right but marked down because he didn’t show-his-work. He’d get scolded for not taking … Continue reading

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First Lasts

Is there a manual, or even an article on How Not to Make EVERYTHING into The Last Time when my daughter, our youngest of two, is beginning her Senior year in High School? I can’t … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, peripheral vision becomes the point

I don’t like that phrase ‘treat everyday like it’s your last’. Is it a joke? My dad would say ‘it’s a good thing we don’t know when we’re going to die or … Continue reading

August 6, 2015 · 1 Comment

Piling up the rules of fashion: an inquiry

Pinterest stumps me. Who are these people riding vintage bicycles with overflowing baskets of daisies wearing flowing sundresses and coral-colored pointed-toe flats? A couple of years ago I wondered about what I wore … Continue reading

July 10, 2015 · 3 Comments

Ingredients of High Alert

The cherries came all the way from California. Lucille extended the paper cup full of the summer burgundy fruit toward me in my kitchen and I took one. I ate it, … Continue reading

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No more, no less.

Today’s New York Times front page above-the-fold announces: Aftershocks Jolt Katmandu, and “Everyone Is Scared” and Drought Frames Economic Divide of Californians: Will the Rich Cut Back? I wondered how these … Continue reading

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Pins and Needles, still.

This fall and winter wasn’t so great. I don’t care about record breaking ice and snow, but the rhythm in the house and the balance was all off, and even though … Continue reading

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Optional Viewing

Well lookie there. It’s been five months since I posted here. Well, since I’ve taken the time to write anything not mandatory. Because this fall I could only keep it together and … Continue reading

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Stories as Lists

Blogs I’d like to see would include: Iconic family stories. One of my entries would include the time my brother asked me to run away with him. We were alone in the house, … Continue reading

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It Was Meant to Happen (not)

That phrase–itwasmeanttohappen–what does that mean? Is it a spiritual now go and learn-your-lesson-from-it thing? Is it leaning towards a fatalistic nothing-you-can-do-anyway? Or is it just a what-ever brush off? I heard … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Free Zone

My brother passed away exactly in the time frame the doctors gave him, nine months after his stomach cancer diagnosis in May 2006. During most of that time his nourishment came … Continue reading

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Making Eye Contact with College Admissions

So I hit my first college experience as a parent—as a New Englander which means a foreigner since my own college-entrance experiences included only the midwest and southwest. There seems … Continue reading

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Family Vigilance

I had an exhibition of drawings, collages and sculptures in 1993, maybe ’94 at Maine College of Art in the gorgeous upstairs of what was Portland’s original library, the Baxter … Continue reading

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My Instagram

Yay! Food, music, 🍻 🍺 and 🍻 and Hallie's Summer Ale packaging! #mecagd Closes in an hour! This Must Take a Long Time by Crystal Cawley. Beautiful. Yuppers! Ready to rib then sleeve island! My first colorwork, hope it blocks up great (I didn't swatch that part🙏). Whatever. It beats reading the news. #knit #knittersofinstagram #readyforfall #wool #knitting #iloveknitting #rowanyarn So great to celebrate the #mecagd class of 2017 together with the rising Seniors and our caring faculty. Talented, smart and fun. Kinda don't want to let them go. Thesis show opens in a week, work left to do, commencement May 13. 🏅💥💪 @mecagd Amazing beautiful gift from the class of 2017. You will all be missed!

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