Pins and Needles, still.

This fall and winter wasn’t so great. I don’t care about record breaking ice and snow, but the rhythm in the house and the balance was all off, and even though I wrote about this four (four!) months ago, it’s still in the foreground. Charles’ mother passed away in September, our son left for college, and our lovely dog of nine years was ill.

Charles traveled to see his mom often and at the same time deal with his mother’s sister’s estate since she passed away unexpectedly last spring. Layers upon layers of the ground shifting. In bursts Charles would be hopeful with new news or waiting for better news.

With the dog, daily we took turns hand feeding and hoping; trying this and trying that, searching for clues and cues of either getting better, or… not. Layers upon layers of waiting for this med to kick in or that test to get back. Wait 2 more days, wait until after the weekend, wait a week, wait and watch.

But Obi lives still, she recovered and was better for a couple of months and we are happy for each day because now her heart is worn out. She turned ten in February. This new condition is unsolvable but she is stable for today. It is not connected to her last problem except maybe it is in that she’s worn out.

Aren’t we all sometimes.