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Wonderings and Wanderings


I went to last summer’s DesignInquiry two week residency with the intention of working exclusively on an eleventh anniversary DesignInquiry book temporarily titled a Provisional Edition Survey of Now along with four other DesignInquirers. Peter Hall remained in London so he and I devised a daily back and forth image/caption volley for the book via spotty text message since I had no internet.  Co-authors Gail Swanlund was on Vinalhaven for only a few days and Emily Luce left after week one so Gabrielle Esperdy and I needed heads down for the book. And since we were conceptualizing, designing, and writing as we went, procrastination became the side project I excelled at once Matt Soar arrived week two and showed me his lo-fi Camera Box.

This phone camera apparatus and the muscle memory of my Rolleiflex days took over the island days and supported the residency theme of Productive Counter-Production. Combined with a four month old puppy and sunny 72degree afternoons, finding out what this camera obscura could do began as inbetween-time but quickly shifted to the time. I set up still lives to reflect the making, the light, and the spirit of our collective concentration of slow pacing and island living. I walked, poked around, looked and meandered with photographing. Like the days of a ‘real’ camera, my past life of image making met the present because I was available. Some of these images even found their way perfectly into the book.

Matt left with his camera box and I left with Wonderings and Wanderings that existed in the shadows of productive counter-production.


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