starting in the middle

margo halverson

In the Middle

Why not just start. On a random day I had a random thought I wanted to write down. Not to be read, but to write down. Who am I here? Not a designer, professor of design, photographer, artist, DesignInquirer, Mainer by way of North Dakota and Arizona, partner, mother, all the rest… but probably all of those. That’s the point. We’ll see what happens in this space, sketching. I’ll see.

My name is Margo Halverson

And I confess I overuse commas, probably an attempt to slow us all down.

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Two sweaters someday. .
#knit #knittersofinstagram #quinceandco #rowanyarn #teawithjamandbread #readyforfall #nationalpuppyday is a thing? Well alrighty then, here's #archiepoodle now and 10 months ago. He still acts like the one on the left. Thank you Philip Brou for decorating the solution to my make/do wheel chair! My 2D throne. Google. SOS. Just a sprain, right? #potholes Short row mayhem with office supplies .
#knitting  #knittersofinstagram #quinceyarn #knit

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