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margo halverson

The Red Suitcase

The Red Suitcase was on top of the burn pile. It was that square make-up kit kind from the 60’s so it balanced easily. Charles and my nephew Eric stuck … Continue reading

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A shelterbelt is a row of trees that separate fields from the wind for controlling erosion. They define space in the plains of the midwest and these horizontal bands become … Continue reading

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Twirling with 4/4 Time

There is a drum kit in our living room: a bass, floor, middle, and high tom-tom’s, a snare, a high-hat cymbal and ride cymbal. Our daughter took drum lessons and … Continue reading

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Gordon Willis vs. the Still Image

When the film Manhattan by Woody Allen came out in 1979 I was Blown. A. Way. The vignettes of sound, words, and amazing black and white cinematography by Gordon Willis seemed to me to … Continue reading

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Every touch

I think there is only the poetry view. I mean, all these snippets of stories, all we can do is read between the lines and imagine, hopefully with empathy and … Continue reading

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27 minutes or 24 hours

It’s been 95 degrees here in Portland for several days and now we’re in the national news with heavy thunderstorms and wind, heat and rain. It’s been an odd weekend … Continue reading

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18 and done; 18 and beginning

There have been 6 sessions of high school Sr. ‘Final Words’ at Casco Bay High School, an Expeditionary Learning public high school in Portland, Maine in the last 2 weeks … Continue reading

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Daily Practice League

Last summer at DesignInquiry, a friend (and colleague board member) proposed that each DI participant experience time (the topic for the week was >>FastForward>>) in a new way by making … Continue reading

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She keeps at it. With humor and curiosity.

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Then Emily, on Google+, showed this. This is a friend. It’s that parallel-thinking, that hearing in conversation but always listening to the messages that are the real messages. And, the … Continue reading

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Part 2, Chapter 10

I listen to books. I do this while I walk the dog to Baxter Woods and let her run off leash until she is mud up to her belly, which … Continue reading

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